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Parent Testimonials

References from these former dayhome parents are among those available to prospective clients during the application process.


"We are honoured to have had Sharon influence both of our amazing children. She and her family made such an amazing positive impact on our kids. The efforts she went to in order to make us and our children feel comfortable and loved and cared for in her home was incredible. The best decision my partner and I made was to entrust our children to her care."

"You don't know how worryfree/ calming/ relieved I feel having my child in Sharon's care. His allergies are never on my mind.  I think she is a one-of-a-kind gem and we have been so blessed to have found her.  Her love for the children, her hard work on teaching them everything from gross motor, fine motor, academics, empathy, sharing, playing with peers, arts, etc...She has a passion for childcare and I love that she is always learning and training!" 

"We cannot truly express in words how much Sharon and her family have meant to our family the past few years. We sincerely feel that our child has become someone we are very proud of in part because of the positive influence of the dayhome. The amount of time, energy, love, patience, and kindness she offers each child under her care will not be forgotten"

"We know that our toddler loves her time in dayhome just by the giggles and smiles when we talk about "Sharon's House'"

"I remember 7 years ago, when I first started searching for childcare.  Never did I think I would find a woman as loving, respectful, and passionate about her dayhome children as she has been all these years.  Sharon (and her family) have influenced and guided both of my children into becoming the inquisitive, thoughtful, trusting, and joyful people that they are today." 

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