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What Your Child Needs to Start Dayhome

You will need to supply the following items for your child:

  • Diapers, 2 packs of wipes, 2 sets of any diaper creams you use regularly and 2 wipeable, washable change pads (all to be left at dayhome)  I have cloth-diapered my own and will gladly accomodate cloth diapers.  If your child is potty-training, you will need to supply pull-ups or leakproof cloth training pants until your child is almost completely trained.  If you feel your child is ready to start using the potty, please consult with me, and we will work out a plan for supporting your efforts with this at dayhome. Children must be able to use the potty completely independently and be accident-free during the day at home for at least a week prior to wearing regular underwear at dayhome, due to sanitation reasons.
  • A pair of Robeez-type slippers for children under 3, to keep socks on and protect the feet.
  • At least one seasonally-appropriate change of clothes to be left at dayhome, including sweater, socks and underwear. Two for children under 3.
  • Any medications your child needs in an ORIGINAL container labeled with your child's name. I have been trained in how to administer an Epi-pen and have a fanny pack for carrying this kind of emergency med. 
  • Appropriate shoes/boots and outdoor clothing. Please keep in mind that we do go outside in wet and cold weather!  Also consider making the clothing as easy as possible for little hands to learn how to put on by themselves.  Snowpants and splash pants that pull up like regular pants, rather than the `overall' kind, mittens instead of gloves, velcro shoes instead of lace-ups, pants with elastic waistbands instead of zippers, and shoes and boots that are large enough for the child to slip on and off easily can all help your child to learn independence earlier.  This can help me get them out the door faster so we can all enjoy more outdoor time!  Pleae also try to bring winter boots with high tops so that the child won't get snow in them. I find that some boots for girls look pretty but are not very warm or appropriate for active snow play.
  • If the child naps, a sleepsack or special blanket and stuffed toy from home can help with the transition to napping at dayhome. Also, a copy of any special sleep music or a white noise machine like the one used at home, if you use one.
  • If the child still needs infant formula, bottles or baby food it must be supplied by you, as must food for special diets that is different from what I serve.
  • A no-spill straw sippy cup for milk if the child is too young for an open cup - it helps to minimize cup-sharing and germ-sharing for every child to have one that is different from the others
  • A waterproof bib for children 2 and under to use for meals.
  • A special photo or photos of mom and/or dad that I can laminate, so the child can show it to me or carry it around when s/he is thinking of mom!  One family sent a sturdy little photo album with images of special people and special times for their child and it really worked well! The little one would bring this book to me and we would read it together when she felt blue and this helped her to adapt to dayhome quickly.
  • A cloth bag (shopping bag type) to contain items left at dayhome.
  • A brush (for longer hair) 
  • Sunscreen, a sunhat and bug spray for warmer seasons

Please consider when you dress your child for dayhome that we do art and play actively outdoors and your child will likely get dirty.  Don't send him or her in fancy clothes unless you don't mind a few stains! 

If your child wants to bring a toy or other item from home, that is ok, with the following caveats:

  • Please don't send any item too precious to lose or break.
  • Unless it is a special stuffy or transitional item, the child may be expected to share the item with others or put it away for hometime if it is too precious to share.
  • We cannot play with toy weapons, watch movies, or handle dangerous items at dayhome.  If a child arrives carrying such items, I will have to put such items away for hometime or send them home with parents.