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Dayhome Activities

 The ideal dayhome activity is one suggested by the children or some interest that they show. We also do things because I've read about them or heard about them and they sound cool! Please visit my blog on this site to learn more about how this works/


Here are a few random examples of things we have done in the past. I hope to add some more to this list in the future:

  •    Bubble blowing variations – blow bubbles outdoors in minus 15 Celsius or colder.  The bubbles freeze and bounce and shrivel instead of popping. Very interesting!  Or blow bubbles in an open field on a windy day.  Wild!
  •     ABC time – ask children/parents to bring a special abc book or puzzle or toy from home to share.  Read or share one child’s special abc activity each morning.
  •  Snow maze – when the snow starts to get deep, shovel crossing pathways in the back yard to make a simple maze (good exercise for provider and older kids!)  Then keep the paths clear – toddlers will have space to run and exercise and play tag without getting bogged down in drifts.  If you can, pile the shoveled snow in a hill  in the middle of the yard for climbing and sliding.
  •  Read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and point out the concept of capital and lower case letters.  Help the children match capital and lower case magnetic letters on the magnet board and act out the story with them.
  • Push children on the swing and count the pushes up to 100. Let the children count - they get as many pushes as they can count!
  • Mixing colored water with eyedroppers and syringes. Add vinegar and baking soda and watch the bubbles!
  • Chalk painting -- dip chalk in water, draw on black paper for bright colors that change as the pictures dry
  • Birthday parade: every child has a noisemaker or  punch balloon (very puncture resistant) and birthday hats and we walk around the block with our balloons!
  • Pajama day -- it is fun to wear our pjs all day, even to the playground!
  • Animal match -- divide our box of toy animals into families, sort by wild or tame animals, match with laminated animal flash cards