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Covid-19 Policy

My dayhome has remained open safely since the Covid crisis began, and I am confident that it will continue to do so.  In order to make this work, we all have to make a commitment to following public health requirements relating to the pandemic, and to timely and effective communication between parents and provider about any Covid symptoms in order to keep us all as safe as possible.  We all have vulnerable people in our lives, especially young children and elderly family members, that we would wish above all to protect.

For more information on childcare regulations in Alberta during Covid-19, please visit the Alberta government page here:

My dayhome follows the current guidelines as set out by the Alberta government, including daily temperature/ symptom checklists, lots of extra handwashing and cleaning, and careful attention to safe food service and safety in dayhome activities..

Here is a link to those guidelines:

We are so fortunate to have the access to Covid testing that we do in Alberta.  If there is any question that anyone  -  parent, child, provider, or family member -  has new symptoms related to Covid-19, that person must complete the online Covid-19 assessment tool at   Based on the information they provide, they will receive  clear direction on whether testing or other steps are required.