Sharon's Giving Tree Family Dayhome

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Prayer for a Dayhome Day

I never would have imagined a few years ago that I would be here today, doing this important work. Thank you, God, for bringing me to this place in my life where I am honoured by this chance to care for these wonderful children and in doing so help to shape the future.

Please bless me as I care for the children today, both the dayhome children, and my own.

Please help me to welcome my dayhome families at the door with a smile this morning, even if my own children kept me up the night before! Help me to keep my charges safe, nourished, happy, and loved until mom or dad returns for them. Help me to always do my best and follow the path that I know is right in caring for these children, especially in those moments when a child is watching me, especially when no one is there to see but You.

Please watch over the children in their play and learning today as they grow older and more independent in a thousand different ways. Please bless them as they learn to get along with each other, to share, to laugh together, and to empathize with the tears of others. Bless the one who is learning to share without hitting, the one who cries with the pain of teething, the one who is learning to use the toilet, and the one who is new to my home and still feeling shy with the others.  Help me to treat each child fairly; to attend to each one's needs with love, wisdom and patience; and to create a peaceful home full of enriching opportunities for learning.

Please bless all the parents -- my husband is one of them too! -- as they leave their precious children in my care and drive off to work.  Please keep them safe as they do their part of the work that helps keep the world outside my door running smoothly, the work that supports their children, their homes, and helps support my own.  Please help me to let them know every day that I appreciate and honour the trust they have shown in me. 

Finally, bless the dayhome children of years gone by, who have grown older and moved on to kindergarten, grade school, high school and other environments.  They will always have a place in my heart, and I pray that whatever they are doing today, they are well and happy. I pray that their time in my home has helped to prepare them in the best possible way for the opportunities and challenges they face today.



Religion and the Dayhome

My family is Roman Catholic -- I was brought up in the United Church and converted after I married a Catholic man --  and the experience of being in our home reflects our faith.  I do not sit the children down and drill them on the catechism, or patron saints! However, parents should know that we do pray in our home and that we celebrate holidays like Christmas and Easter from a religious/Christian/Catholic point of view.

We also talk about and sometimes commemorate aspects of religious holidays of other faiths, like Hannukkah and Ramadan. We have had families from other faiths and non-religious families using our dayhome and have welcomed this diversity as a learning opportunity for everyone. 

If you have particular concerns about any dayhome practice from a religious or cultural point of view, please discuss them with me. For example, a parent may prefer that her child not eat pork or participate in Halloween celebrations for religious reasons.  I will do my best to respect such requests and use them as an opportunity to educate the rest of the home about diversity of beliefs.