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Please send me a note about space availability or other matters relating to this website. 

PLEASE note that I  CANNOT reply to you unless you include an EMAIL ADDRESS in your message! I have already received many messages that I want to answer, but I cannot reply directly to a form response, nor will I contact someone by phone unless I have a space to be filled and am sure the inquiry is serious.

Again, I will NOT be able to reply to your mesage unless you include an EMAIL ADDRESS. I receive a lot of mail from this site, and do not wish to spend too much time on the phone, distracted from the children.  I will not respond by phone unless we have corresponded first by email and I am confident that this is a serious inquiry. 

I apologize for any inconvenience, but I do not put my email address or phone numbers on the site as I've heard too many stories about scammers and spammers hitting dayhomes through dayhome websites, and I've had a couple of bad experiences myself.   I will respond via email to serious inquiries or messages ONLY and will give out my home address and phone number ONLY as necessary.

Sorry to be so repetetive, but I hate to receive messages that I can't respond to!

This caution is for the protection of my family and the children in my care.  Thanks for understanding.

Before contacting me about space availability, please check the Spaces Available page of this site.  Thank-you.

Now...type away if you want to send me a message... but please, please, if you want a reply, don't forget

to include your  EMAIL ADDRESS