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St. Patrick's Day, Safety, and Green Eggs for Lunch!

Posted on March 20, 2007 at 4:20 PM

Wednesday March 7


I wrote a long entry about this week already and it got lost when I tried to post it, so this may be a little briefer than my usual style.   I am getting way behind on this month, so I�ll skip the detailed entries for this week and just catch up.


On Thursday March 8 we did more activities related to Dr. Seuss�s birthday, which is tomorrow.  Also the older children began the construction and decoration of cardboard �puppy houses� for stuffed animals.

On Friday March 9, we tried a new fruit for afternoon snack and made up a rhyme about it:


�I went to

The store

To buy a


I�ll ask you

Once more

Will you try a



Repeated infinitely.  The children were not totally excited about papaya, but we�ll have it again sometime soon.



Tuesday March 13


In the morning, a little boy was comparing a plastic dinosaur to our dinosaur poster.  We sat and did a detailed comparison and found it was a stegosaurus.  Have to do more of this with our other dino models soon.


We did spy paintings � colored on white paper with white crayons and then painted over them with watercolor to show the writing underneath.  Learned that the �spy drawings� show up better on some kinds of paper.


We went to the playground and really enjoyed a good long session outside.  One of the newer boys hid in the tunnel for a while  -- he found the others to be a little noisy for his taste.  I checked with him and told him that having some time by himself was ok and to tell me if he needed me.  He came out after a couple of minutes and joined the others on the swings.


A discouraging note for me � one child fell off a bathroom stool and got quite a bonk hitting his head on the corner of the bathroom door, so we had to do an injury report (he�s fine now). New rule: no matter how sturdy they are at going up and down, all 2 year olds must have direct help from me to get off the bathroom stool.  All three of the 2 � year old boys are usually very capable going up and down, but safety has to be the most important thing and we will adjust our bathroom routines to make sure no more accidents happen.


The home visitor came, and so did the fire extinguisher inspector guy.  He brought me a loaner and took my 2001 extinguisher into the shop for a refill.


We mixed yellow and blue play foam to see if it made green.  It did not, but still looked like yellow and blue mixed together.  



Wednesday March 14

We had green eggs and (plain) ham for lunch, inspired by Dr. Seuss, of course. The children loved stirring the food coloring into the raw eggs.  Half the younger ones flatly refused to eat the green eggs, but the 5 and 3.5 year old loved them.  They enjoyed reciting �I like them, Sam-I-Am!� with every bite.


Our new potty training mantra to inspire the untrained boys to go to the potty regularly:  �Are you a wet one or a dry guy?  If you wanna be a dry guy, you have to try, guy!� 


It seems to be working.  We are making up lots of little rhymes about everything.  The twos who are learning to talk/learning English love them especially,  the threes love the sense of fun,  and of course, the baby is loving the sing-song language, too.


Prepped blue and yellow playdough with my non-nappers in the afternoon for tomorrow.


Thursday March 15


One two year old arrived in underwear today and stayed dry all day, which put my 3 year old son�s nose a little out of joint, as he is still in pull-ups. (Maybe it will inspire him to use the toilet more regularly!).  The same little boy put on his splash pants all by himself, something none of the other boys could manage today, not even the older ones.  He also read much of Green Eggs and Ham out loud to himself.  He was a big dayhome star today!


We did some more St. Patrick�s Day activities.  I had pre-cut some shamrocks of various sizes out of green construction paper and had the children decorate a band of construction paper for a crown-type hat, twist green pipe cleaners around pencils to make them wobbly, and then attach shamrocks to them to make a wobbly hat with what look like leprechaun antennae.  Most enjoyed this. 


We also kneaded yellow and blue playdough to make green. Surprisingly, this simple activity really, really kept them interested as well as being a good hand-strengthening activity.  We read some St Patrick�s stories and we�re still reading a lot of Dr. Seuss.  We did a Shamrock hunt.

I also told them my family Irish immigrant story about the little girl named Eliza Morrison (my great-great grandmother) who came over from Ireland with her mother in 1835 to join her father and older brothers. I told them about how they all believed in leprechauns, and the ship journey, etc. They loved the part of the story where the Morrisons were dairy farmers in Ireland but they were so poor had to sell all the milk and cream and butter and their children only got the buttermilk to drink. The mom and dad wanted to bring their children to Canada where if the parents worked hard, they could afford to have their children drink the cream and eat the butter (ie. have healthy food and milk to eat and drink).

The older children were really charmed by that part of the story, so I'm going to buy some whipping cream soon. We will use our plunger-type juice jug to churn it into butter �haven�t done this for a while.  We can give the children buttermilk for lunch to try like Eliza drank! If I'm really ambitious, I'll make soda bread, too.


Tunnel climbing, lots of play with the train table.  The two little boys who are awake on Thursday afternoon seem to need large motor play, turn taking and social activities, and just time to play and learn to share without too much structure.  So that�s what I�m giving them!



Friday March 16


On Thursday night, I picked up some new-to-us toys at a thrift store, including some more small-sized backpacks with zippers, as all the little boys seem to love packing bags and carrying them all over the house.  So on Friday, we washed the new toys, and lots of the old ones, and played with our new ones.  The children loved the eggbeater I found above all else.  I�m sure it will get lots of play in the back yard when we start sand and water play in a few short weeks!


We cleared off the shelves of the change table that was sitting in my playroom behind the couch and readied it to move away.   I have decided to donate it elsewhere, as we really weren�t using it for more than a toy shelf  (babies get changed in the bathroom)and its position in the room was dangerous to any child who might decide to climb over the back of my playroom couch.  Put more foam mats down behind the couch so now it is a soft, safer place to play.

We had a lot of fun making towers out of the boxes and empty buckets and plastic containers that used to be stored on the change table shelf.  We�ll keep these out in the corner of the playroom for a while and then move any items that survive outside to the play yard as the snow melts.  There are never enough ice cream buckets and yogurt tubs for all the mud pies and sand castles that get made in the spring!



Monday, March 19


I put some sunflower seed heads in the sensory table, along with magnifiers, and scissor-like tweezers.  We read the Eric Carle book. �The Tiny Seed.� 

My quiet time is almost up for today � will post what I have and get back to this later!  I am trying to figure out how to put a counter on this page to see how much, if any, dayhome families are actually reading it.  The only way I can figure out to do this is to keep copying the counter into each new entry. So that is what I will do!



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