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Posted on May 24, 2007 at 2:26 PM

Hello!  Long time, no post!

My time is obviously very tight in the evenings, with spring activities for my own children and my dh working lots of evenings.  I miss doing the detailed blog and hope to organize my schedule to get back to it soon.

Here are some highlights, in the meantime:

We celebrated Earth Day by putting on work gloves and picking trash in the woods, and by talking/learning about ecosystems and endangered animals.  One child insists that bunnies are endangered....

Here are some of the books we read for this theme:

On Earth by G. Brian Karas. 2005 ISBN 0-399-24025


The Dead Tree  by Alvin Tressalt  1972  0-8193-0564-2


Wolf Island by Celia Godkin  1993  ISBN 1-55041-095-4


Sun up, Sun down:  The story of day and night  by Jacqi Bailey and Matthew Lilly.  ISBN 1-4048-0567-2


Children of the Earth... Remember  by Schim Schimmel


We also have been reviewing our knowledge of planets (earth being one of them! and looking at a map of the world.

We've been playing with our animal families toys in lots of different ways.


We've been enjoying our new big wagon and lots of time in the playground -- time for sunhats, sunscreen and bug spray!


 We painted cloth "library book" bags for Mother's Day.


We have spent as much time as possible outside, organized a "building centre" in the yard with scraps of wood and work gloves for the children to use. 


We are spending a lot of time with our globe and map of the world as two of our dayhome children are on vacation in England and California, respectively. 


In June, I will narrow down our focus to the map of Canada and some Canada Day related materials.  But I'm sure the children will take this in all kinds of wonderful directions. We will also be spending more time outside and hopefully having a pool party or two on days that are warm enough for water play outside!


Today we read "No Dragons for Tea" (fire safety book) and "Blueberries for Sal"  We have toy bears and dolls out so the children can act out the Sal story of a mom and child and mother bear and baby bear looking for blueberries on a big hill. 


And this week, the apple blossoms are coming out on the trees! A couple of weeks later than usual, but spring is finally really here!  The children enjoy watching a pair of cautious robins who have nested in one of the apple trees by the swingset.


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